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MUNCIE GIRLS – Fixed Ideals – Biography
'Fixed Ideals' is the second album from UK indie punk band Muncie Girls, set for release
August, 2018 via Specialist Subject Records in the UK & Europe and Buzz Records in
North America. The title comes from a Sylvia Plath poem, and the line “perfume,
politics and fixed ideals”, which ties in with the inspiration for the title of their first
album, 'From Caplan To Belsize', also inspired by Sylvia Plath's writing. Vocalist and
guitarist Lande Hekt has a knack of crafting the most personal lyrics that are at once
very relatable and she is also adept at bringing political issues into everyday experiences
and situations through the band's music. ‘Fixed Ideals’ was produced by Muncie Girls’
longterm collaborator Lewis Johns (Funeral For A Friend, Rolo Tomassi, Gnarwolves) at
The Ranch and mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge (Death Cab For Cutie, Coldplay,
Muncie Girls’ line-up is completed by guitarist Dean McMullen and drummer Luke Ellis
and the three grew up in Exeter. Playing DIY shows in dive bars from a young age, they
went on to complete full headline tours, play high profile festival slots at the likes of
Glastonbury and Reading & Leeds, support slots to their favourite bands and tour
internationally. Since the release of their debut album, they've toured the UK & Europe
extensively and they've toured in Australia and Japan, as well as playing at SXSW in the
US. They've received support from the likes of Stereogum, The AV Club, Kerrang!, DIY
Magazine and BBC Radio 1, and were also awarded a PRS Foundation Momentum Grant
which helped enable them to record ‘Fixed Ideals’.
Muncie Girls’ second album marks a progression as Lande played both guitar and bass
when they were tracking. She comments “Having two guitars sounds really different and
adds intricacy to the songs. I was listening to different music when I wrote these songs
and when we recorded them so that probably sounds quite noticeable. Stuff like The
Replacements, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Popguns and The Pastels. I think we all
became a bit more adventurous with this record.”
Spending more time in the studio this time around enabled Muncie Girls to try new
things. “We were at it for so long, I thought it would never end,” Lande says. “I
actually got kind of ill half way through, because I think it was just a lot to deal with.
We recorded 19 songs and I played bass, guitar, acoustic guitar, keys and sang and
harmonised on all the songs as well as coming up with new ideas and extra parts
because we hadn’t got everything totally ready. And the songs are the most personal
ones I’ve ever written.” 
Muncie Girls were demoing the album at the time that a fire blazed through their
beloved local venue The Cavern, devastating the space that has been such a big part of
their lives. ‘In Between Bands’ is a reaction to that event and the album as a whole was
heavily influenced by this tragedy. ‘Fixed Ideals’ also covers themes of anxiety and
mental health, the effects of too much alcohol, wasting potential, having a desire to be
educated, as well as focusing on personal relationships and the importance of friendship
and family. And what we feel when those relationships let us down.
The album kicks off decisively and lays out an approach that runs through all of its
thirteen tracks – the lyrics throughout are both deeply personal and wholly relatable to
many people who may be going through the same things or who are able to identify the
same issues in their lives or society at large. “’Jeremy’ is obviously a big fuck you to my
dad, a right wing guy who denied my existence and refused to support my mum in any
way,” Lande explains, adding that “it should also apply to all people who use patriarchy
to aid them in dodging responsibility. But the song is also about my actual family who
are awesome.”
‘Clinic’ was written by Lande when she first starting having CBT for her anxiety. “It was
a really fucking horrible time but I’m glad I wrote it down,” she says. “This song is half
about how important it is to get your mental health checked and ring the DAS, but it’s
also about how long it all takes and how unbelievably underfunded it is. I have a lucky
time with my mental health compared to so many people, and I have to think about
how incredibly hard it is for so many people.”
‘Locked Up’ addresses a whole bunch of things that Lande found bizarre about life “that
we’re expected to not only accept, but celebrate. It’s kind of depressing really,” she
admits, whilst also explaining that it relates to the prison system and claustrophobia. In
‘Family of Four’, Lande draws upon her own experience of being the young child of a
single mum with three kids, as well as being inspired by the author Sue Townsend’s
heart-wrenching early experiences.  Whilst dark depths are plumbed within the record,
songs like ‘Laugh Again’ and ‘Picture of Health’ are more positive glimmers of solidarity
in friendship and odes to supporting those that are close to you or who have been friends
over the years.
With ‘Fixed Ideals’, Muncie Girls are set to win hearts and instigate conversation all
across the world.

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Im Jugendhaus West in Stuttgarts größtem Innenstadtbezirk ist immer viel los. Junge und Junggebliebene zwischen 10 und 27 finden hier allerlei tolle Angebote um kreativ zu werden, Spaß zu haben oder einfach nur zusammen zu kommen.

Das Jugendhaus West ist eine von mehr als 40 über ganz Stuttgart verteilten Einrichtungen. Langeweile ist hier ein Fremdwort, denn im Jugendhaus West gibt es alles, womit man seine Freizeit spannend gestalten kann: Sportturniere, Spiele, Konsolen, Tanzunterricht, Wellnesstage für Mädchen und das war noch lange nicht alles. Auch in den Sommerferien sorgt das Jugendhaus West für ein abwechslungsreiches Ferienprogramm.

Im Jugendhaus finden auch tolle Konzerte statt, bei denen ihr nicht nur richtig abrocken könnt, sondern vielleicht auch mal selbst mit eurer Band auf der Bühne performen dürft. Um für diesen Auftritt richtig gerüstet zu sein, gibt es im Jugendhaus natürlich auch zwei Probenräume.