Moondog For Gamelan - Raung Raya

Iwan Gunawan Ensemble, Stefan Lakatos, Don't DJ  

Am Wriezener Bahnhof
10243 Berlin

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Veranstalter: Morphine Records - Rabih El Beaini, Manteuffelstrasse, 5, 10997 Berlin, Deutschland

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Bitte beachten: Eintritt zum Konzert ab 18 Jahre!

Rollstuhlfahrer / Schwerbehinderte mit B im Ausweis zahlen den Normalpreis. Die Begleitperson erhält kostenfreien Eintritt und benötigt kein gesondertes Ticket.

Please note: This concert is x-rated / 18+

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Bitte beachten: Eintritt zum Konzert ab 18 Jahre!
Please note: This concert is x-rated / 18+

Timed and in collaboration with the Indonesia themed Europalia Festival in Belgium, Raung Raya is produced by Morphine Records and aims to bring a selection of the projects and bands participating at Europalia to Berlin, and attempt to showcase some of the more leftfield, raw and unconventional sounds from Indonesia. From October till January 2018, each month Berghain will feature a statement-like, powerful representation of this incredible culture and music scene. The acclaimed Indonesian composer and Gamelan master Iwan Gunawan and his ensemble team up with Stefan Lakatos to play a selection of compositions of the legendary "Viking of 6th Avenue”. Combining the seminal compositions that have strongly influenced Steve Reich and Philip Glass, with the astonishing sound of the specially built well-tempered bamboo Gamelan. Moondog: Louis Thomas Hardin wrote poetry, composed music, invented a series of instruments, was signed to a multitude of record labels, and conducted orchestras before royalty. He achieved acclaim in Europe and gained further fame when musicians like Janis Joplin start covering his work. He was one of the most well-known figures in the New York musical scene from the late 1940’s to 1972. Iwan Gunawan is considered one of the most important contemporary composers in the West Javanese cultural sphere today. He began to play traditional Gamelan music as early as the age of six. During his study of composition and music for schools at UPI (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia) in Bandung, he concentrated in particular on his own musical tradition, but also on Western conventions. Iwan Gunawan is one of those rare artists who has been able to preserve his own roots while at the same time gaining a professional status in Western musical cultures. Contemporary techniques of composition, the use of live electronics and computers, are a part of Iwan Gunawan’s everyday repertoire. Swedish artist and musician Stefan Lakatos is the leading exponent of the Moondog method of drum playing. A close friend and pupil of Moondog’s, Stefan performs Moondog’s music internationally on the unique instrument that Moondog offered him before his death. The triangular percussion instrument called “Trimba” has been invented and build by Moondog in the late 40s. Support act: Don´t DJ (Disk / DE).