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Mando Diao - BANG

Sprung out of timeless rock´n´roll guitar riffs and a burning desire; magic has been made. Mando Diao have created an album that is dark, personal, energetic and captivatingly good. BANG is a record that demanded its own existence with the purpose to take on the topics of life’s unforeseeable twists and turns.

Freedom has acted as an important source of inspiration for Mando Diao. - We want to inspire people to dare to be as free as they can possibly be. To aspire for freedom rather then being pulled into normative ways, the band says. This album is inspired by all things that are fierce and explosive. When a bombshell is dropped, there is no time for afterthought or hesitation. - No feelings were held back here, Says Björn Dixgård.

The darkness present in the lyrics make this album an enticing and nerve tickling portrait of Mando Diao’s very being. The songs are limitless and nothing has stood in the way for the music.
- We didn´t hide behind wooly thoughts or tentative descriptions. What we sing, we mean. There is something liberating in calling a spade a spade. The key word for BANG has been hedonism, a philosophical theory about putting freedom and pleasure at the forefront. - We keep carrying on and while illusions burst and the tribulations pile up the bigger our lust for simplicity has grown.

The idea for the album came to life during late night parties and big festival appearances. - Sometimes when we’ve played these huge stages we have felt “fuck, it´s a shame we don´t have more riffs”, so that Björn won´t have to sing his throat off, Jens Siverstedt says. In light of this Mando Diao started to build the songs and the riffs that has then dictated the vibe and tempo of the album. - It was like an epiphany, we are a guitar driven band, of course we should focus on the riffs, explains Jens. Björn adds - thereafter the sound took shape, some songs are on the blues end of the spectra while others are more classic Mando Diao.

Parallel to the release of their 2017 album Good Times the band started working on the follow up. - Me and Björn literally started writing and recording new demos at the same time as the last album was released. We had so much energy, energy that transformed into BANG, says Jens. Today it has been a two year process resulting in ten explosive and highly intimate tracks. - This album and our first album, Bring em ‘ in, are our dirtiest albums, On this album we sound as we do on stage, Björn says.

The band has come a long way since the debut back in 2002. With eight studio albums and over 1,5 million albums sold Mando Diao have been a force to be reckoned with. They have played more than 1500 shows in over 30 countries. The line up of the band has changed throughout the years and today Mando Diao consists of Björn Dixgård, Carl-Johan Fogelklou, Daniel Haglund, Jens Siverstedt and Patrik Heikinpieti.

Before BANG is released October 18th we can look forward to three singles. One Last Fire, which also stands as the opening track on the album, will be premiered at Dalhalla where Mando Diao performs alongside The Hives and The Sounds on the 30th and 31st of August. - One Last Fire is about feeling the spark within you and deciding to ignite the fire rather then putting it out. Perhaps it´s a little bit about my fascination for Pyromania as well, Björn says laughingly.

Single number two is the heavy and catchy Long Long Way. - We wrote it on the tour bus, which is a very unusual thing for us to do. It was during an after party on their way to the next city when they sat and sang together. - Well, I’d call it screaming, Says Björn.

Before the release of the album we’ll be treated with one last single. Don´t Tell Me is a middle finger to the establishment Björn explains. - It’s about what I try to teach my kids. It’s important to respect other people but it is also important to not always have that blind kind of respect towards authorities. It’s a sort of red thread throughout our songs. Mando Diao goes their own way which is also demonstrated on Society, a song on the album that comments on today´s world.

He Can’t Control You is about a bad relationship that one has managed to leave. - Most people have been in a destructive relationship at one point or another, be it a romance, friendship or part of a family. The amount of recognition in that will speak to a lot of our listeners, Björn says. Linnea Dixgård, sister of Björn came up with the chorus. She’s really talented and it would be a lot of fun if she would start making more music. It’s always nice when I get to work together with her.

Get Free is the first Mando Diao song ever to be purely about freedom. Jens came up with the riff that gave birth to an up beat party song prompting us to get loose and let go. You’ll find courage at the very core of this song. I Was Blind treads the same path as it cries out in longing for an end to everything that just has to be done all the time in life. There is definitely a fear among Mando Diao when it comes to the dullness of everyday life. - Take care of your life and do whatever you feel like doing. Make sure to enjoy it, says Björn.

BANG also contains a dash of romance. My Woman is a soft and sensual love song whereas Scream For You is more fierce and seductive. The common nominator is unconditional love, free from compromise.

Bang Your Head is the ultimate party song, setting the tone for BANG. The song came at the last moment like a powerful dark horse and explains a lot about the bands constant hunt for an audience in motion during their tours. - It’s not that damn easy to be a human being and it’s really important to treasure those wild and beautiful moments, and I think this song in particular and the album overall sums that feeling up really well.

Foto credits to Victor Flumé


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