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Event organiser: experimenta gGmbH, Kranenstraße 14, 74072 Heilbronn, Deutschland


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Symposium Future Design
"The best way to predict the future is to shape it ourselves"
This is a worldwide unique and radical approach that aims at critically reflecting upon our current state of knowledge and possible future scenarios. We desire to awaken the “Future Designer” within everyone.
To shape the future for us means to collaborate, create dialogue and to provide a platform where new narratives, that reach beyond our power of imagination, can be formulated. We can achieve this by involving artists, thinkers, scientists, engineers, economists, hackers, “Millennials” and “Digital Narratives” from around the globe.
Heed to us, when we present to you in our symposium FUTURE DESIGN the unique and radical triad of science, art and technology. This year we dedicate ourselves to Immersion, Artistic and Artificial Intelligence and the Philosophy of the Experiment to open doors that appear unimaginable to open at this moment.
BEYOND will take place at the experimenta – Science Center in Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg, Germany from 27 till 29 of September.

Within the coming decades new technologies are going to change our lives and the way we perceive it beyond our expectations. The Future Design Symposium is a creative collaboration of science, technology and art, an experimental laboratory for new forms of art, which simultaneously offers a glance at social effects regarding new technologies in a global context.

Much of what is going to happen within the next thirty years is fueled by technological trends which are already in motion. These trends include: virtual reality, an “On-Demand-Economy”, “Big Data”, Robotization, “Human Enhancement” and artificial intelligence. Technological Systems create social and political realities. It is hardly possible to predict the future; however, it is realizable to actively shape it. Our speakers and visitors are encouraged to develop and expand their horizons as we aspire to awaken the “Future-Designer” in every individual.
“Future Design” does not only aim at identifying, understanding and creatively engaging with threats and possibilities of new technologies and trends, but concurrently supports the design of better and more desirable futures.
At the experimenta in Heilbronn, the world´s first Future Design Symposium with the focus on "Artificial and Artistic Intelligence" will take place under the title "Sm(ART)". Other topics are "Immersion" and the "Philosophy of the Experiment".
The Science Dome is a planetarium and high-tech theater in one: In the spectacular dome construction, visitors to the Future Design Symposium Sm (ART) will immerse themselves in artificial and artistic immersions.
27.September: Immersion
28.September: Artificial and Artistic Intelligence
29. September: Future Design: The Philosophy of the Experiment/ New Narratives for the 21. Century
- Symposium Language is English
- Privacy statement: The Beyond Symposium has installed a VR camera placed inside the Science Dome. Its VR footage will be shared on the internet for live-streaming and is recorded for archive reasons. Please inform the organizers if such infringes your privacy environment.
Any attempt at disabling or obscuring the cameras is prohibited and may result in the participant being evicted from the Science Dome.

A Full ticket includes:
morning and afternoon coffee / Lunch buffet /
admittance to :
- all lectures during the day inside Science Dome
- to lounge as of Thursday 26 sept. 17h
- to Thursday evening screening of Chaos&Order (20h)
- to Saturday evening event with Eduardo Reck Miranda (19h or 20h)


experimenta gGmbH
74072 Heilbronn
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